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How Saying "No" Can Improve Friendships, Work, Happiness & Health

How Saying “No” Can Improve Friendships, Work, Happiness & Health

Saying no can improve our friendships, work, happiness, and health. It allows us to choose where we put our time and energy and focus on giving it to parts of our life or the relationships that are most important.

A lot of people are afraid of the word “no,” according to mental health experts.

“Boundaries are essential to happiness. They set the expectation of what we will and will not accept. Saying ‘no’ is our way of telling

How to Fredagsmys Like a Swede

How to Fredagsmys Like a Swede

The Swedish work ethic is one like no other. Swedes take their jobs very seriously. It’s not in their nature to dilly-dally around on the clock. Instead, they reserve playtime for Friday evenings.

After a hard week’s work, it’s Swedish tradition to unwind at home every Friday night. Swedes call it “fredagsmys,” which means “Friday cosiness.” They use this time to relax with family and friends. A typical fredagsmys includes games, TV time, and plenty of snacks and

How to Say ‘No’ to Your Friends Without Feeling Guilty About It — Therapy For Black Girls

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘yes’ to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of saying ‘no’? Perhaps most of the events or activities you participate in aren’t ones you’d choose for yourself, but rather ones that your friends have chosen for you.

You may also struggle to prioritize your wants and needs because you’re too busy tending to your friends’ requests. If all of this hits home, it might be time to reassess your boundaries.

Friends are likely to overstep boundaries when they don’t know